Rock Ranch Vodka

Wyoming’s first vodka created with malted grains

Our vodka is born, raised, and bottled in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming, with a unique flavor that comes from

what we like to call the “farm-to-distillery difference.”


(That’s what happens when your whole operation, from sowing to distilling, happens within a 30-mile radius.)


Some people get itchy about small towns, where everybody knows everybody—

but for us? That’s how we know we’re getting the best grains, from the best farms, for our vodka.


Around here, we know our farmers on a first-name basis.

We bowl with them every weekend; we’ve likely pulled them in for product testing a time or two; and our kids even go to school together.


Why Rock Ranch?

Because it’s friendlier on the palate than anything else you’ll find on the shelf.

Because it’s a “whiskey drinker’s vodka” unlike any others you’ve tried.

Because it’s Wyoming’s first vodka created with malted grains, and it tastes exactly like where it came from.


The Rock Ranch name is a tribute to the roots of this tiny little town we love so much… the very roots we pride ourselves on staying close to as we continue to grow. Rock Ranch is our local slice of the good life, distilled—and we invite you to raise a glass in celebration of yours.