Lodgepole Creek Bourbon

One shot: That’s all we get.

One chance at crafting our unique take on an American classic; one chance to blend our Wyoming-grown wheat, corn, and barley into a bourbon that tastes exactly like where it came from.

Much like its namesake creek, our bourbon hails from small, modest beginnings—but it leaves an impressive impact wherever it flows.

Here’s how we do it.

  1. Start in our backyard.

    When we talk about our bourbon being “Wyoming made, soil to spirit,” that story starts here. We’re on a first-name basis with the farmers who grow our grains. These guys are good people, and their crops produce the exceptional quality and exact Wyoming-grown flavor we want in our bourbon.

  2. Make the malt.

    This is where what we call the “terrior” (flavor) of Wyoming comes in. Some distilleries buy their malt; we make ours right here on North Beech Street. It tastes like where it comes from, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

  3. Cook it up.

    Stop by for a tour, and you can see our cookers in person: 500 gallons of pure magic in action.

  4. Ferment.

    How’d we choose our yeast? Simpler than you think—we took a look at the list of available options, then went with the one that had the most unique profile. Not that many people out there are using it… and we like that.

  5. Initiate double distillation.

    We do two runs for two reasons: One, we get a more refined view of the process as a whole (allowing for a higher level of quality control), two, we have better control over the “heart cuts” that create a cleaner, better flavor.

  6. Barrel it.

    Our White American Oak barrels hail from a cooperage in Minnesota, designed with a honeycomb interior to better infuse our bourbon with the wood’s natural hints of vanilla, toasted coconut, cinnamon, pepper, sweet baked bread, and caramel.

  7. Bottle it.

    Every bottle of our bourbon you see—whether it’s behind the bar at your favorite haunt or on the shelf at your local liquor store—was labeled and bottled by Ushi.