Premium Farm-to-Distillery Spirits From Wyoming

Your palate will never be the same.

Opening November 2017

Our versatile vodka has a clean taste so it’s a mixologist’s Swiss Army Knife: it tastes as good in a Bloody Mary as it does in a Moscow Mule or a dry martini. It’s the only vodka you need.

Vodka will be available in November.

Our Story

Pine Bluffs Distilling was born in a garage. Home-brewer Chad Brown was talking malt with his cousin Gene Purdy, a farmer. Wyoming had a burgeoning craft beer and spirits scene, but the cost of shipping malt was high.

They asked, What if Wyoming spirits could be made with grain straight from local farms?

Together and with their Aunt, Kathy Brown, they answered that question by founding the Wyoming Malting Company and Pine Bluffs Distilling. The mission: distill and distribute premium local spirits so everyone—in Wyoming and beyond—can taste the farm-to-distillery difference.

The Farm to Distillery Process

You've never smelled fresh until you've been to a farm.

Fresh, local grains create exceptional spirits. All farms we work with are less than 25 miles away. Most grain arrives the same day it was harvested.


Premium quality and taste don’t come from malt shipped a thousand miles. With an on-site malt house, we can ensure our spirits are free from accidental flavors.


We’re Wyoming-proud and America-proud. Our distiller, Erica Unruh, oversees our process on hand-built, American-made equipment.


Our philosophy of minimal waste means Pine Bluffs spirits are made ethically and responsibly. Spent grains return to the farm to feed local livestock.


Our high quality spirits are locally produced and regionally distributed—so more people can taste the farm-to-distillery difference.

The People Behind The Spirits

At the distillery, you’ll see great people making great spirits.

Erica Unruh, Distiller

Trained in distilling at Moonshine University in Kentucky, Erica is the talent behind the equipment. As Pine Bluffs’ distiller, she ensures our spirits do justice to their high-quality ingredients.